About Me

I've been creating things for as long as I can remember. I think I first really got the art bug when my reception-class painting of a mermaid sunning herself on a rock in the ocean got put up in the school corridor for all to see. I just loved the feeling of creating and sharing and wanted to keep doing it.

I am pretty much completely self-taught. Nine rather less than useful months at art school as a teenager ensured I quit drawing and painting for a long time and only took it up again a few years ago. In the interim I became a potter, jewellery designer and maker, dressmaker and quilter. Just couldn't stop fiddling with things!

Getting into collage, painting and drawing again was a real turning point for me and has become a daily necessity. Which is where the dancing girl comes in. I don't have many pictures of myself but I found this one of me in the garden at my childhood home, dancing up a storm in my mum's high heels.

This made me think about all sorts of things, but mostly it struck me how utterly joyful I looked in that photograph. I'd lost that feeling for a long time, as probably a lot of us do. But then I went back to my childhood love of creating art because I wanted to and that joy started to creep back into my life.

So the dancing girl became a logo and a talisman, and a reminder to be true to myself. It reminds me that I can, in fact, still dance.

And so can we all.

My work can be found in private collections in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA and Canada. It has been exhibited in the UK and the US.