Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Norma on the Lost Highway
I am a real film noir fan. My mother's fault I think - making me watch all those Barbara Stanwyck movies - and the Big Sleep which rapidly became one of my favourites, even though I was completely unable to follow the plot. Actually I watched it the other day and it's still a bit of a mystery...
Anyway, I was playing around with some images in photoshop and this one cried out to be a noir tribute. The little bit of text I wrote myself, hard-boiled style.
This is sold, but if you'd like to see what else I have available it's all here


  1. I'm constantly impressed by your work, you have such a beautiful style. (love looking through your store) :D

  2. Such terrific work. The atmosphere in this piece is wonderful! Congratulations on your sale!

  3. I love this piece - it's been a real favourite of mine ever since I first saw it. Very atmospheric.