Monday, 13 March 2006

Little Gifts
Another child dressed like a pierrot, I think I'm becoming obsessed. Actually, I made this because I wanted to experiment with embossing powder on transparencies and hey, what do you know, it works! I thought the heat from the gun might warp and buckle the acetate but all is hunky and indeed dory.


  1. Oooooh, that is a good idea!

    This is a lovely piece and this child looks adorable.

    kari x

  2. Love the collage style!

  3. OOh I love this. All the elements combine so well together.

  4. Oh she is adorable!! you have been busy my dear!! and how nice to know that you can emboss that!! I too would have thought the transparency would have melted or at least buckled!!! great job!!
    Hugs Linda

  5. oh, I'm doing the *happy dance*! This is SO cute!