Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Lucky Days
I have this really old and kind of strange tome called Napoleon's Book of Fate (yes, that Napoleon). It has all sorts of weird fortune telling type stuff in it, mostly completely incomprehensible, but the pages make great additions to collage pieces. So every time I get the urge to do something a bit fairground, I turn to the emperor for assistance. You can see the auction here


  1. WOW! This one is really wonderful. I love that blue background and those little intricate borders up by the moon. Beautiful!

  2. Fran, this is such a wonderful piece. I love its complexity of textures and the layering you have going on. The lady is very charming as well.

  3. gasp! splutter! swoon!

    This is wonderful, Fran - I love it and what lovely source material to have, too!

    Your work is just so fantastic.

    Kari x

  4. Hey Fran... this is beautiful.. I love the tarot 'feel' that it has.. and the reference to the moon. LOVELY!!!!