Saturday, 22 April 2006

Tell Me The Truth About Love
More vintage photos. This is one of those pieces that came together as I was making it. The photo of the young person in the foreground seems to me to have a kind of ambiguity about it which prompted the bits of text around the edges.
It's available to buy here


  1. Wow this is an awesome piece as are the others you have been creating!! and why didn't I realize you were selling on ebay!!! silly me!!! as always love all you work!!! esp the fab backgrounds!!! will keep on popping back in to see what has been going on and yes we never have enough time do we!! I have 2 art journals I have started and well nothing in them for quite a while now and then doing knitting too!! yup I'm crazy!!!! have fun dear!!!
    Hugs Linda

  2. Yes, this is a piece that makes you wonder. What is the boy thinking?

    Great artwork as usual Fran!

    Kari x