Friday, 25 August 2006


I started playing around with some stencils I bought at the Festival of Quilts last week. They are quite small and when I used them with watercolours they produced lovely frayed edges to the designs. This piece was a result of those experiments.


  1. Hi Fran this is an amazing piece, what kind of stencils are they???? wasnt the show amazing, some wonderful art there, I was quite good I JUST bought all the back issues of cloth paper scissors (well you know you just have to dont you while they are available!!!!) and 3 bottles of golden acrylic paint aaahhhhhh. Oh yes and a pack of Kaffe's squares. Went to his and Marti Michell's lectures very interesting! Also saw the queen of tucks do her thing! wow did you hear all the laughter when she stripped (Jennie Rayment). Must blog about it all - before I go. Thanks for the comment, love Jude xxx

  2. Oooooo this I love!!! What size is it Francesca? Like the way the roundels are sometimes behind, sometimes infront of the bars and the cleverly chosen cool and warm colours placed adjacent to each other so they sizzle as if they're adgitated...the cheeky blue one just escaping to the left...Clever. And the mellow area where the roundels are free! Hope you play some more with these ideas :-)

  3. looks lovely. repetition of shape and form causes wonderful beauty!