Thursday, 16 November 2006


Well I'm finally getting round to posting some art! I'm hoping it's going to quieten down a little now that we're finally done counting and checking nominees at ACA. These yearly awards are a big thrill, and a lot of work! I really enjoy being part of the team and helping get recognition for so many great ebay artists. If you want to see last year's winners have a look here for links to some stunning artwork.

Here's another piece which features the fishes and bluebird. For sale on Ebay here


  1. Hooray! Fran's back!

    Been missing seeing your regular art posts lately, will check out last years winners later (when I am not at work).

    Lovely painting - I love the narrative of this piece.

    Kari x

  2. You got the bluebird's little legs just right. :)

    I love the little building in the background. Wishing you many bids on this!

  3. Anonymous1:05 pm

    What a happy little cheeful piece Fran...I love the colors!

    Kat :)

  4. You are just amazing!!!! I love your work so much!!! it is so welcoming and cheery!!! Hugs Linda

  5. Yay! Your back to blogging! Thanks for all your hard work at ACA! :)