Sunday, 8 April 2007


There is something of a hiatus in my life and art right now. Maybe it's Spring arriving, or just the natural cycle of things, but I feel I want to strike out in a new direction. Don't know what yet though...

Anyway, crab apple conspirators today - my first 'real' painting in acrylics. It was for sale on ebay but no-one liked it enough to buy it so I'm going to keep it.


  1. Francesca,

    I will never understand the eBay buyer (or non-buyer in this case) -- nor the art buyer or non-art buyer.

    Certainly it is not the crab-apple non-lovers in the world I understand either, for even they would be tempted by these.

    You never, never, never, NEVER cease to inspire me with your gentle ways and kind art.

    So, I encourage you, if I may, in this season of reaching out for something different ... to keep creating from your heart no matter what the extrinsic response is - or isn't (I'm talking to myself here too!)...

    You (and all you create) are a gift to us all...
    You certainly have been to me.

    joy in the journey,

  2. Gosh, it is fabulous, goodness knows why it didn't sell, take it to a different market (local art groups etc), it obviously hasn't been seen by its new owner yet!

    I look forward to seeing what new direction you move in. Will it be a change in medium, size, surface or subject, I wonder?

    Good luck!
    Kari x