Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Love Song

I'm having such a blast with my oil pastels, I keep looking for new things to do with them. On this piece I've used them over collage elements and a Neocoloured base to integrate everything together (I hope!) There's lots of metallic/iridescent touches on here too, but until someone invents a scanner capable of registering them I can't show you I'm afraid.

Gail was asking me about grounds and finishing for oil pastels. Well so far I've tried heavy watercolour paper and gessoed mat board. I prefer to work on the board I think. It stands up to more blending and working over. Apparently they don't dry like paints though so you do need a fixative.

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  1. oh no...I am going to have to go out and get a job for sure!!

  2. This work with the pastels is SO yummy! Fran have you ever tried oil bars? They are oil paint in bar form...similar to the pastels you are using but they dry like oil paint. They can be moved with solvent and combined with oil paint. They are even more lucious than the sennelier oil pastels...mmmmm paint!