Sunday, 22 July 2007

Valley of Rain

I am going to start building an Ark. It has rained so much here, and throughout most of the UK, that it doesn't feel like summer at all. I have lush plants in my garden but it's not warm or dry enough to sit out and enjoy it.

Anyway you know the saying about making lemonade, well here's mine. I did this piece on gessoed board and was pleasantly surprised to find that it produced a rain-like effect with a little help from me.

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  1. I might need an ark here too. We are supposed to have rain through most of july. This piece is so pretty! I think that it might be my favorite of yours so far. Love it!

  2. oh this has such a lovely, dreamy quality to it! almost like you started outside and it rained a little on you. just beautiful fran!

  3. Majorly cool, Ms Fran....

  4. Hi, I haven't had a chance to visit you in a while and I am just amazed at all your newer post. This painting is simply brilliant! I can almost smell the rain. Stunning work, as always!