Thursday, 23 August 2007


Well we're all afraid of something right? Some of us are afraid of lots of things and it can become so ingrained that it's hard to imagine living fearlessly. What would you do if you weren't scared of failure for instance? Or spiders? Or what other people would say?

This is something I like to chew over once in a while and I was thinking about it as I made this piece. The young man seems to me to have such a steady, direct gaze. Perhaps he's found the answer.

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  1. Hey Fran! I have enjoyed your kindness and am passing on the Nice Matters award on to you.

    You can post the logo on your blog to let everyone know that someone thinks you are NICE!

    Kat :o)

  2. Another great collage! I love it! You blend everything together so nicely!

  3. fantastic collage !

  4. This is just amazing. I love collages! You do some wonderful art.