Thursday, 4 October 2007

Night Train

The nights are drawing in here, lighting-up time comes earlier every evening and it's getting cold. My house needs making cosy for the winter, the chimney swept in anticipation of glowing fires in the stove, my favourite quilt aired ready to go on the bed.

At one time I used to travel on trains regularly to and from meetings. The meetings were largely a bore but I loved the train journeys, and my favourite thing was those moments when we would speed past twilit towns and villages and I would be granted a glimpse into someone else's world. Lights on, curtains not yet drawn, snapshot moments from dozens of homes and offices, people's lives, they would carry me on gratefully towards my own journey's end.


  1. I wish for weather that lends itself to me being cozy....still too hot here and very difficult to get into the mood of fall holidays.

  2. Love this painting. That is such a peculiar feeling, isn't it? Looking at people being at home and feeling familiar, though we are far from home. There is something comforting and cosy about the lights in the countryside as we rush through. Even travelling in distant lands, the feeling is the same. Glad you've painted this, I have often had that rush of feeling that it would be great to put something on canvas to express all that.

  3. I love these recent paintings you are doing. This is gorgeous.

  4. perfect word picture and painting - completely familiar and warm

    thank you


  5. Lyrical, mystical, and brilliant. I love it!

  6. Oh how I love this one! It gives me a sense of warm and cozy.