Thursday, 11 October 2007

The Word

I have just discovered Golden acrylic paints. Well I'd heard of them, but they aren't available here in my neck of the woods so I'd never tried them. However I recently got some from Jackson's and they are da bomb!

They have a wonderful smooth consistency and the colour, oh my, such intense hues, even in the more transparent colours. They are expensive, as is usually the case here in the UK with anything imported, but I've started saving up!

This piece was done largely with Golden paints and a couple of texture gels with lots of layers of glaze to produce the depth of colour.
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  1. Isn't great when you use the right material? Did you get the fluid scrylics? These are tiny and also quite expensive.. Enjoy experimenting!

  2. Another fabulous painting. Golden acrylics are my favourites, the Quinacridone nickel azo gold makes a great wash over other colours to add some warmth, I use it regularly in my journals. We've only just started to get the Golden products over here in Oz.
    Thanks for visiting my blog

  3. Beautiful painting. I love the depth of color. My first visit here from...well now I don't remember how I got here!