Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Moonbathing Again

Today I have been making some new Photoshop brushes from some old botanical illustrations. This is something I find quite satisfying and a lot of fun to do. For the longest time I was a complete Photoshop dunce but slowly slowly I am learning how little bits and pieces work and my gosh it's useful!

This piece here is a reworking of a little Irodori watercolour painting I did last year. I've always liked it but I wondered if I could make it seem even more magical and mysterious. So I added some more layers to it and I think it's come out pretty well.


  1. Anonymous10:24 pm

    This is really nice, Fran! It looks backlit!

  2. The color here is phenomenal! Great job!

  3. Gorgeous piece. The color is great and the fish's expression seem so quietly reverential. I love it!

  4. Anonymous8:10 pm

    LOVE the mendi like linework you added....