Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Palmetto and Aegean

Some words just seem to possess a kind of magic. They have the ability to transport me to a fantastical landscape which I'm sure doesn't exist anywhere but in my head, a place both mysterious and exotic, filled with light and scents and sounds unfamiliar to me.

Because I thought it would be fun, I decided to make a bunch of new books inspired by these imagined places. The names are real enough though and here's the first two, currently for sale on Etsy. Both have hand painted covers and are stitched with waxed cotton thread. Palmetto is filled with sketching paper and Aegean with watercolour rag mix. Just the thing for filling with dreams.


  1. Ahhh, Fran, I stopped by to see what you've been up to and your books have left me speechless! The sense of colors on these are gorgeous. As usual you are up to creating beauty!


  2. These are beautiful.