Monday, 30 June 2008

Blackberry Socks Pattern

My first time writing a knitting pattern. I've designed things before but never tried producing a pattern for others to follow so I hope this is comprehensible!

Thea’s Blackberry Socks
These socks were originally designed for my daughter. I wanted to make her something feminine but also practical, so they have a pretty scalloped cuff edge combined with a simple fleck stitch pattern for maximum wearability.

The instructions are for cuff down socks using the magic loop method which is by far my preferred method of working in the round. If you’ve never tried it before please do, it’s surprisingly easy! There’s a great video tutorial here:

Materials and Measurements
100g Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in Blackberry or any fine fingering/4ply yarn of your choice.
1 40-inch circular needle size 2.25mm, or size required to achieve gauge.
3 stitch markers
Tapestry/wool needle

34 stitches to 4”(10 cm) on 2.25mm needles

Medium (adjustable)

Pattern Notes
The scalloped edge is worked over 3 rows back and forth and only joined when the rib cuff is begun. Because of this there will be a slight gap between the first and last scallops. This is easily tidied up at the end with a couple of stitches (I use the cast-on tail to sew it up).

Scallop Edging
Row 1 (WS)
Row 2
K2, *K1 and slip stitch back to Left Hand needle, lift next 8 sts on LH needle over this stitch and off needle, YO twice, K first stitch again, K2; repeat from * to end.
Row 3
K1, *P2tog, drop extra YO loop, [K1, K1tbl] twice in YO, P1; repeat from * to last stitch, K1.

Fleck Stitch Pattern
Rows 1 & 2
Row 3
K1, P1 to end
Row 4

Cast on 123 sts and work the Scallop Edging as described above. After the third row you will be left with 68sts.

Knit 1 row straight, then divide stitches so that there are 34 on each needle with the cable loop between the two sets of stitches.
Join, making sure not to twist the edging, and work cuff in K1, P1 rib for 14 rounds or until it is your preferred length.

Change to Fleck Stitch and work 8 repeats of the pattern as set, more if you prefer a longer leg.

Heel Flap (worked over 34 stitches)
Work the heel flap back and forth over half the stitches as follows:
Row 1
[Sl1, K1] repeat to end
Row 2
Sl1, P to end
Repeat rows 1 & 2 16 times more or until flap measures 2.5” (6.5cm)

Turn Heel
Row 1
Sl1, K19, SSK, K1, turn
Row 2
Sl1, P7, P2tog, P1, turn

Row 3
Sl1, K to 1 stitch before the gap, SSK, K1, turn
Row 4
Sl1, P to 1 stitch before the gap, P2tog, P1, turn

Repeat rows 3 & 4 until all the sts have been worked and 20 sts remain.

On needle 1:
knit half the heel stitches and place marker. This point will be the start of the round from now on.
Next row (still on needle 1):
knit across the heel stitches. Pick up 1 st in each slipped stitch along the side of the heel flap plus 1 st between the heel flap and instep join. (20 sts picked up)
Place stitch marker.
Work across the 17 instep stitches in the fleck pattern as set.

On needle 2:
work across remaining 17 instep stitches and place marker.
Pick up and knit 1 st between the instep and heel flap join and 1 st in each slipped stitch along the other side of the heel flap.
Knit half the heel stitches. (94 sts total)

Knit 1 row, remembering to work the instep stitches in the pattern set.

Now begin the gusset decreases:
Next row:
Knit until 3 stitches before the marker, K2tog, K1, slip marker, work instep stitches in pattern, slip marker, K1, SSK, K to end. (2 sts decreased)
Repeat this row until until you have 68 sts remaining: 34 sts for instep and 34 sts for the sole.

Rearrange stitches so that the instep stitches are on needle 1, and the sole stitches are on needle 2. Remove all markers.

Continue in rounds, working the instep stitches in the fleck stitch pattern and knitting the sole stitches until the foot measures 6.5” (16.5cm) from the back heel or approx. 2” (5cm) less than the length of your foot from heel to toe.

Shape Toe
Row 1:
K1, SSK, K to last 3 sts on needle 1, K2tog K1, K1, SSK, K to last 3 sts on needle 2, K2tog, K1.
Row 2:
K to end
Repeat rows 1 & 2 until 22 sts remain on each needle, 44 sts in total, then repeat row 1 only until 8 sts remain on each needle, 16 sts in total.

Graft toe stitches together and weave in all ends

This pattern copyright Francesca Burras 2008. Not for commercial use.


  1. Oh my Goodness with a captial G! These are gorgeous. You remain The Queen of All Arty Things.

  2. Francesca, these are gorgeous!! my daughter is our knitter and she's going to make me a set for slippers!! i will photograph and share when she's finished and i cannot wait!!