Wednesday, 17 September 2008

New Hand Dyes

I'm really enjoying dyeing my own yarn. There's something very satisfying about blending your own colourways which I've always liked from when I first started dyeing fabrics for quilting years ago. I also discovered a great piece of kit the other week, it's a 3 tier electric vegetable steamer which I am using to set the skeins and it's so much better than the microwave! I wrap them individully in tinfoil after I've painted them and then they go into the steamer for 25 minutes. Once they're cool I rinse thoroughly, dry (which can take up to three days depending on the weather) and then re-skein.

It's a lot of work but the results are worth it I think. All the skeins in the picture above are currently for sale here.


  1. Fran, is there anything you CAN'T do????! they're beautiful!

    (oh, and i'm loving that floaty orby thing you have on the right under "labels")

  2. Ooooh Fran ... this is realy yummy yarn! You're tempting me you naughty girl ... but I'm upto my elbows in baby clothes & paint of course just now ... t'will have to wait.

    BTW just spotted your Follower widget .... I'm in!!! I wasn't sure how it worked but now I do ... I've added one too :)

  3. Good Lord woman, what talent haven't you blessed with1
    The socks look so cozy and dying
    your own yarn, I love the autumn-y
    looking orange and gold batch.