Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Logan's Run With The Scissors

I went to get my hair cut this morning (yes thanks, I'm very happy with it). It's quite a hip, national chain - you know, all black, white and chrome fittings - and I've had the same young hairdresser for about four years now. I sometimes joke with her that she is absolutely not allowed to leave as she always gets my cut spot on and I've had many in the past who didn't. But this morning she was talking about moving into teaching hairdressing in the long term.
'After all,' she said, 'you pretty much have a sell by date in this place.'

And this got me thinking. I started looking around at the other staff there and I suddenly realised that not one of them is over thirty and most are much younger than that. It had never occurred to me that trendy haircutting was such a young person's game but I guess it is.

Today's drawing is called, with apologies to Mr Eliot, I Have Measured Out My Life In Fondant Fancies.


  1. A sell by date for hairdressers? wha? :( I love the drawing though..especially the title!

  2. Nice drawing, Fran. Great sentiment,too - good point!

  3. What a great drawing! Love the cross-hatching in the hair!

  4. Anonymous3:08 am

    Great drawing. I think you really need to have a following by a certain age in that profession (hairdresser) or it might be hard to build up a clientele.

  5. Love the art! It is sad but true (especially for women) that there is a short time frame for success. I am 35 and I feel if I don't change careers in the next 5 years it will be too late for me. It is a shame, especially because we know as you get older you gain so much wisdom and experience.

    Renee :)