Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Year In Socks

At the risk of sounding sickeningly Pollyanna-ish, I am a great believer in looking for the up side to situations and life events. When I was diagnosed diabetic earlier this year it was quite a shock; I now have a condition that will be with me for life and requires managing carefully in order to maintain my health.

I am dealing with it though
, and it was a great comfort to finally understand why I had been feeling so exhausted and why my hands and feet were freezing so much of the time. This also meant that I now had the perfect excuse to indulge my sock knitting habit and that's exactly what I am doing! Here's most of the pairs I've made for myself this year so far. I had one more but to be honest I made them a bit too big so ended up giving them to Vincent who, since he started wearing them, now understands why I like handknit socks so much.

The orange and brown pairs are from commercial patterns, the other three are ones I designed myself.


  1. Anonymous1:48 am

    They are great! Most inspiring too...

  2. Those socks are fabulous! I love socks. In the summer I were no shoes but in the winter I love wearing unusual socks.

    Good luck dealing with your diabetes. Many people in my family are dealing with the same thing.