Sunday, 11 January 2009

You Complete Me

Gosh it's an effort at the moment. All I want to be doing is hibernating. I want to fill my tummy full of pine needles like the Moomins and sleep until Spring. The world seems to be going in slow motion and I feel like I'm swimming through treacle, waiting for the daffodils, waiting for warmth, waiting for colour, waiting for my muse to come home. Soon, soon.


  1. Found your pretty blog through the Etsy forums! What a sweet drawing this is!

  2. ...just wait....don't will come back...
    ps love ur writing style...

  3. Excellent illustration, and i do understand your post about so many ideas constricting one to feeling overwhelmed.

    Suzanne in CT

  4. This is an incredibly poetic drawing...emotional.