Friday, 6 February 2009

Newcastle, Colds, Handmade Soap And Other Random Ramblings

So I have a stinker of a cold at the moment and can't seem to settle to anything that requires concentration or energy. I may not even make it to the end of this post. I was busy though, making a whole bunch of new books for the Artworks galleries in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, some of which you can see above. These and others are all for sale in their shop, so if you're in the North-East and want to check out some of my goodies, now you can!

And on with the non-sequiturs. I feel at this point it would be remiss of me not to extol the benefits of handmade soap and, more specifically, shampoo bars. If you ever have trouble with commercial shampoo leaving a build up in your hair then you really need to try shampoo bars. I am on a mildly evangelical mission to alert everyone to the potential benefits of these since I bought one a month or so ago. (Have a look at Etsy and you'll find loads of fabulous bath and beauty stuff!)

They don't need a plastic bottle, so less wasteful packaging, and most importantly they get your hair clean without leaving a load of gunk behind. While you're at it get yourself some gorgeous handmade soap as well. It won't dry out your skin nearly as much as the stuff you buy over the counter and you'll feel utterly pampered every time you so much as wash your hands. And no, the soapmakers of Etsy aren't paying me for this endorsement. It's just a lurve thing.


  1. Awe, hope you feel better soon!
    BTW, those are really sweet journals!

  2. I'm right there with you on the icky cold thing. :-( Your journals are great! Feel better soon...

  3. Love the first one!

    In reponse to your comment on my blog, I keep mine in my own album that I made:

    ...I quite like having them 'hidden' away so then everytime I see them, they're really fresh to my eyes!

  4. I hope your feeling bet-tah!

  5. Hello from Canada! I really enjoyed reading about your blog in the Winter 2009 Artfullblogging.
    I also like these book covers you made! Sandra