Monday, 23 March 2009

Blythe Spirit

Lucille is all ready for a new spring wardrobe so I made a few clothes for her and then was enjoying fiddling with tiny bits of fabric so much that I made a few more which I put up in my other Etsy shop.

I am noticing the passage of the years though. I now find it much harder to thread a needle or to work on dark fabric; these old eyes aren't what they were. The black and white dress was a particular challenge as it's thin, silky fabric made me decide to hand sew it rather than risk my machine chewing it up. But that black was not easy I tell ya! Still I like the super cute result so it was worth it.


  1. Love the black & white!

  2. These are lovely, so cute. Love the little hand knit cardi! I have only ever made things for my daughters brats doll and that was horrendous!So fiddley and super crazy proportions!!
    How long have you had your doll ? I have looked at Blythe dolls often online but they are so expensive!

  3. Debbie I got her about 18 months ago off ebay. She didn't have her stock outfit so was considerably cheaper than the clothed dolls, but I was looking the other day and the prices seem to have shot up in the last few months. You're right they are very expensive, which is a shame as I'd love to collect a few more.