Tuesday, 21 July 2009

New Tricks

When I was a child I used to watch my mother crochet and be completely spellbound by it. She would make scrap blankets and afghans from odds and ends of yarn. They were a riot of colour and appealed to me in the same way that, in later years, scrap quilts would. There is something deeply satisfying about getting the most out of one's resources and, having been brought up by parents who lived through WW2 and its attendant austerity, I suppose I've inherited that mindset.

I never learnt to crochet though. I could knit many intricate stitches but put a crochet hook in my hand and I was lost. Until now. Last week I came across these wonderful video tutorials which have finally taught me the basics and how to make an afghan - in progress in the picture above. Beth is a clear and talented instructor, so if you've ever thought you'd like to learn a new craft I heartily recommend her excellent 'classes'.

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