Saturday, 29 August 2009

The All-Seeing Eye

Last week my trusty Canon camera decided it had had enough and started to do all manner of bizarre things with the photos I was trying to take, adding its own Photoshop-alike effects without my say-so! Oddly the video capture still works but nothing else. So, time for a new piece of kit, and here it is.

I've only had it a couple of days but I'm pretty impressed with this little Lumix. I tend to do a lot of indoor photography and, as I don't have anything in the way of special lights etc, I rely on my camera to make up the shortfall a lot of the time. Well this one seems to handle less than perfect lighting conditions admirably with no fringing and good detail, and the auto focus is pin sharp. So far, so good!

All this means I have finally been able to get pictures of my new yarn batch for listing. Hurray!


  1. Great picture. As an indoor picture, it is pretty good. You must be doing something right!

  2. conggratties!

    How did we EVER live with out our most needed gadgets!!!!


  3. awesome cam! enjoy xxx

  4. post more pic I'thinking of getting a new camera so I'd love to see you put it through it's paces!

  5. Will do Jane. If it ever stops raining I plan to venture out and about with it.