Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Between the Projects and the Rock Island Line

Normally, when I do architectural pieces I work from photographs, typically ones I or Vincent have taken. This is a preliminary sketch for a painting I'm planning which is based on another photographer's work. 

One of my favourite Flickr discoveries has been the prolific and wonderful Curtis Locke whose photostream Find A City To Live In is a daily must-see. He takes pictures of the built environment with an eye for the overlooked and neglected which is truly remarkable and he was kind enough to give me permission to make a painting from one of his photos.

This building is a central detail from that photo which I have been drawing to familiarise myself with it before I begin work on the canvas. I don't actually know what its function is, and I don't want to. The interesting thing about it for me is the enigmatic nature of this and the other structures in the shot, half-glimpsed among the weeds and chain link fences.

Go check out Curtis's photos while I go and do some work.

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  1. Hey Francesca:

    I remember you from way back in my eBay days. I came across your blog through Gail from Shabby Cottage Studio.

    My name is Kim and I use to be called Garden Painter Art. I've recently made some changes and my business name is now "Gerushia's New World".

    If you have a spare moment, stop by my blog. I'm having a give-away from some of my art prints.

    Good to see you again:
    Gerushia's New World
    (Formerly Garden Painter Art)