Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Sterling Stuff! News For UK Shoppers

I know that many folk in the UK prefer to be able to shop online at stores where they can see the price of goods and pay in pounds sterling and not have to deal with conversions to and from other currencies. Indeed, why not? It's undoubtedly more convenient to have transactions in your own currency and, to that end, I have two pieces of exciting news!

First, I have recently opened a store on Folksy which is a wonderful site for handmade goods. All the sellers on it are UK based (although you don't have to be in the UK to shop there!) and there are loads of great items to be had. Just the thing if you need some last minute gifts - and speedy delivery - in the run up to Christmas!

Second, for all those who have been put off to some degree from shopping on Etsy because all the prices and payments are in dollars, well not any more! Etsy is now supporting multiple currencies, in keeping with its international clientèle. So when you visit either of my shops, and those of many other UK sellers too, you will see sterling prices and be able to make your payments in pounds, no conversions to deal with at all!

Cool, huh?


  1. these are GORGEOUS... the speckling, the aging look... ooooooooooo

  2. Thank you sweetie!