Sunday, 30 January 2011

Inking It Up


A couple of new ink drawings to show you. I like to work directly onto paper with the pen these days. When I first started using ink I would always draw varying degrees of detail in first with pencil as I didn't quite have the confidence to just go for it. After a while though I found that I relished the spontaneity of diving straight in much more and enjoyed the challenge of 'mistakes' and how to incorporate them into the whole piece.

The top piece, Spring Tune, also has a wash of pale rose watercolour over it. You can find both of them, and more views, here.


  1. these are great, you are brave and sure :) i still use pencil most of the time. but you are right, incorporating the unexpected into a drawing often makes it better!

  2. i love these as i love everything you do - there is something that i relate to with your work - like i've been to these places whether they're real or not - you transport me!! xox

  3. LOVE the lines on the bottom. Wow, beautiful work.