Friday, 27 May 2011

Somewhere, Beyond The Sea

Not quite golden sands but I do love Bobby Darin so I thought I'd pair him up with Morecambe Bay! It was strange weather the day I took these photos with sudden fog banks racing across the water but on a clear day (cue for another song) you can see the beautiful hills and fells of the Lake District quite distinctly all around the sweep of the bay.


  1. lovely pix! are those in wales?

  2. Stacey no we're still in the northwest of England, Morecambe is about 30 miles up the coast from me. It has the most beautiful bay though the sands are treacherous as the tide rushes in faster than you can run so it's best admired from a safe distance!

  3. I love the sea photographs so much!
    so dreamy..and i need to take a good book there, and good camera :)