Monday, 13 June 2011

Got Scarves?

So, my plan is to have lots of pretty scarves to disguise the fact that I tend to wear the same outfits all the damn time and, as an added bonus, use up some of my yarn stash which seems to consist almost exclusively of single skeins of fingering weight wool.

These three are ones I've made lately from patterns I found online - honestly, whatever you want to knit, it's out there somewhere! God bless the interwebs! They were all easy to follow yet produce beautiful looking scarves. 

Clockwise from top left we have: Tesla which is in a colourway I hand dyed a few weeks ago and just fell in love with; Helix which is in a gorgeous Wollmeise yarn I've had for some time and Foreigh Correspondent which is in another of my own hand dyes in a colourway called Elephant Island.


  1. these are incredible!!! oh, you are so talented x

  2. LOVE the corkscrew one :)
    i'm like you - wear essentially the same thing, but with a different scarf... my favourite are the infinity scarves - essentially a big loop you wrap around as many times as you like :)

  3. Tami, thanks hun!! :D

    Claire, yes I like the infinity ones too although I don't actually own any. Hmmm, future project maybe...

  4. lol! I wear the same clothes all the time too. Love that helix one!

  5. Very pretty scarves! I especially like the one with ruffled edges.

    I tend to wear the same clothes a lot too. (One advantage of the economic downturn is the new frugality. It's getting to be acceptable to not have tons clothes or many new thing!)