Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Last of the Summer Wine

Autumn has arrived. Time to say goodbye to lengthy, warm days and the sun waking me too early in the morning. I gather what will probably be pretty much the last of the sweet peas as the winds begin to whip through the garden and whistle in the chimney. I have had the First Fire ritual - the lighting of my wood burning stove for the first time in nearly five months - and basked in its warmth. The flowers fill the room with a heady, summery scent; I chose particularly fragrant varieties to grow this year and will sow more soon in anticipation of starting the cycle again.

It's also new shoes season. Another pair of my favourites, would you believe those are the same shoes and were once the same colour? They have served me faithfully for two years of twice-daily, lengthy dog walks through mud, grass, gravel tracks, ice, snow, rain and sun and I have finally worn through the soles. So, into retirement they go. Or at least semi-retirement: they're so very comfortable and soft I doubt I'll be able to let them go completely! Some goodbyes are best delayed.

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