Thursday, 11 April 2013

Neon Psycho-delia

A strange confluence of things going on here. I'm still battling with labyrinthitis which is affecting my balance quite badly and making me dizzy-woozy so I haven't got a lot of new stuff to show you. The doc gave me medication for it which helps but hasn't got rid of it. 

However, when I got round to reading the leaflet that comes with the pills I discovered that as well as being a treatment for seasickness and inner ear problems they're also an anti-psychotic used to treat schizophrenia and anxiety! Now I have suffered from anxiety for many years but not, as far as I'm aware, schizophrenia. So maybe if they don't fix my ears they'll stop the panic attacks huh?

Anyway, I digress slightly. I got meself a cool new stencil from Crafters' Workshop. Reminds me somewhat of a Bridget Riley painting. I tried it out on top of a background of neon pink and orange combined with some chalky lilac and baby pink craft paints. I think I'm on a mission to make things which once looked at will burn themselves onto your retinas in perpetuity!

I partnered it with a little tag which has a somewhat quieter feel and uses the negative imprint of the stencil, this time in distress inks. And bees - love this little bee stamp and I think the whole thing fairly buzzes so it seems quite appropriate.

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