Sunday, 30 July 2006


A collage today. I am attracted to faces which are expressive and show evidence of their owners' personalities, whatever their age. This little girl seems to me to be supremely hacked off with whoever took her photograph. I love that!


  1. this is soooo wonderful!!!! it is so evocative of a noir version of the depression era... or something... anyway, i LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. OH my that's the face I make when I know I am about to have to go back to work again in 3 weeks!!! yup HACKED off!!!!!! great collage dear love it!!!!it's fabulous!!!
    hugs Linda

  3. I love her face - she looks like she is very cross!

    The caterpiller walking down the frame is a stroke of genius.

    Did I tell you I love your work??

    Kari x