Monday, 18 September 2006

The Snow Queen

I finished painting the Snow Queen, (you can see the drawing in the post below) and she came out pretty much as I had hoped so I'm happy with that. I adore fairy tales and this is one of my favourites, if you've never read it I highly recommend you do - we're never too old for fairy tales you know!
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“We have driven well,” said she, “but why do you tremble? Here, creep into my warm fur.” Then she seated Kay beside her in the sleigh, and as she wrapped the fur around him he felt as if he were sinking into a snow drift.

Bluebird's next Amy!


  1. WOW!...Fran...she's beautiful!


  2. Ahh, truly superb as ever Fran - what size block do you use and what size is this painting?

    I work big and stretch my paper, I just love the process (I am odd like that,LOL).

    Kari x

  3. Thank you both! :D

    Kari, it's a 9"x12" block and the painting is 4.5"x4". I'd love to work big but I find it too scurry!

  4. You are truly amazing!!!!!!! I am so thrilled when I get to see your fabulous work!!!! truly breathtaking!!!!!! thanks for sharing!!!!hugs Linda

  5. I love this!! She is stunningly beautiful. You have such a wonderful touch, Fran. And as someone who literally dabbed her first watercolour last week, I now KNOW how hard it is!!

  6. Fran, this is beautiful... and of course I'm thrilled it's a Hans Christian Andersen tale too LOL! You're right, though, that we're never too old for those :-) Will you be doing more illos like this, please?

    Hugs, Lolly x