Saturday, 16 September 2006


Today I thought I'd share some work in progress. This is a section of my Arches watercolour block. I really like blocks because they're glued on all four sides which means you don't need to stretch the paper before you start painting. I've divided this page up into smaller sections so I can work on a number of pieces at once.
Here you can see two inked drawings which I'm about to paint. The one on the left is the Snow Queen and I plan to have her in a winter night landscape. The tall piece will be another bluebird painting.


  1. Francesca this is really interesting. It's always fascinating to see how other artists work. What kind of ink are you using for your drawings? What a coool Queen! Looking forward to seeing her enthroned in full colour. Your bluebird series is just lovely.

  2. Thanks Bee :D
    The ink is just standard Pilot drawing pens, I have them in different thicknesses and they're my favourites.

  3. cool fran! liked seeing the wips!

  4. Fran I cannot even stand it! I already want that tall one...are you painting it right now? :)