Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Queen of the Night

I am making a conscious effort to do some bigger pieces of work, well bigger for me anyway. My normal size range doesn't go beyond about 4x3 usually so it's something of a challenge to do. This is 6x4. Ok, not a lot bigger I know but it makes a change.

So, this is the fairy queen in her garden. She didn't start off as a fairy, but part way through painting her she whispered to me that that's what she was and you can't very well ignore royalty now can you? The flowers in the picture are a night-blooming proteus named Queen of the Night, which also happens to be my favourite Mozart aria too.

For sale on Ebay here


  1. This is superb, I am glad you are trying bigger - it is really quite exilarating to do something much larger.

    Your new look blog looks great - lovely, fresh and airy.

    kari x

  2. Love the head dress...the flowers...her face...wonderful job Fran!

    Kat...please drop by, I have a wee little surprise...will post to my site too but for now...

  3. wow! I adore your art, you are an amazing artist!

    this is definately a happy place! :)


  4. One MUST listen when a Queen whispers, mustn't one. Your blog is beautiful Fran. I love your use of color. You have an amazing talent. NOw that I"ve foun dyou I'll be back to vist again and again to see what you're up to.