Sunday, 3 June 2007

Izabella's Garden

I have had a sudden desire to make more collages this week so here is the first. Done on mat board which I use a lot because it's sturdy and will take paint and glue very well. There are all sorts of bits and pieces in this one: fabric, lace, transparencies, a plastic plant label etc. Half the fun is playing around with the elements, adding and discarding things until I feel I have the right composition, then searching through drawers and boxes to find that extra little 'now where did I put that...' something which it's telling me it needs.

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  1. Mmmm, love your collages. Now, I have been thinking about this and wondered if you have too: have you ever considered making a collage with a view to making a painting of it?

    I may just try that one day.

    Oh, and thanks (not) for tagging me, LOL! I was astounded at yours as I think i would probably post quite similar things.

    I too have always wanted to live in a lighthouse and adore kaleidoscopes as well as crying at sad movies (and even happy ones). Mind you, I didn't eat pages out of books - that is just too weird, LOL!

    Great art as ever Fran!
    kari x

  2. I agree: the fun in collage is all about play. A wonderful process. I have the same problem too: I always feel there is something missing. But I think your piece is complete. It is absolutely gorgeous. Kari is right, you ought to make your collages into paintings. As a matter of fact, this is what I have been doing: I started collaging as a source of inspiration for paintings..Good job!