Saturday, 2 June 2007

In Search of Lost Time

This is a piece of work which Thea did as a Mother's Day gift for me. It is taken from an old Polaroid of us which I didn't even realise she had and I was so delighted to get it.

I feel a kind of wonder that this once was us - she is a beautiful woman now and I am middle-aged - and that a photograph can bring that into such sharp relief. It is way too obvious to say that we have changed. But seeing this moment frozen in time has the same effect as Proust's madeleine: suddenly I am back in that summer garden and I can feel the texture of the clothes we were wearing, the scent of the grass and the warmth and liveliness of my baby girl. Who said that time travel is impossible?


  1. this totally takes my breath away. I am caught completely in the emotion of my own experience - so like yours - I'm trying to grasp the eternal focus... feelings of longing, joy, mourning, thrill, peace, and love all at once - and all sudden...

    thank you

  2. Oh this is so beautiful what a delight to get this and she did a fabulous job on it!!! awesome!!! Hugs Linda

  3. This is just wonderful. And what fabulous hair you have there!

  4. What a beautiful, touching piece of work. It has such a serene feeling about it ... absolutely stunning. :D

  5. I'm joining the chorus here! This is really a very lovely piece of art and love combined. There is a true emotional connection made to the viewer, and your description is equally touching. Very, very nice...

  6. Oh, and love the header too
    ( :-) I have polka dots on my blog too !)