Monday, 11 June 2007


A thing I really like doing is incorporating text into a piece of work, either by stamping or writing onto it or by using snippets from old books. Sometimes I'll start with the text and it will suggest a direction for the collage, other times it proves to be the finishing touch which ties a piece together, as here.

I browse through my collection of old junk store books looking for interesting words and phrases. Often I get totally distracted and end up reading a chunk of the book while I'm at it!

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  1. Thought I'd repay your visit by stopping by to say hello!
    This piece is lovely and says soooo much. I have often looked at old photos and wondered about the people and their lives. It is so difficult - if not impossible - to really know a person as the decades and centuries past. One may know facts & figures (or not) but you will not know their personality, character, thoughts and motivations.

  2. Oooo, to me this has such a 1940's pre/post war feel and flavor to it. I think it's the combo of image and such lovely muted colors. :-) Beautiful Fran!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous - love how it is all put together.

  4. I love text in collage, but have trouble with it myself. I see cool ones like yours and wonder why I can't make that work.

    Thanks for coming to visit, you are entered in the drawing.