Saturday, 9 June 2007

Night Flight

One of the delights of creating collage is that I can do it more or less any time. I sleep quite poorly usually and so I'm often up in the wee small hours of the morning. For some reason I find painting too difficult late at night, but tinkering with or making collages is a positive joy. So that's what I do when most everyone else is in bed - I just wish someone would invent a silent eyelet setter!

For sale on Ebay here


  1. Love it. I am like you too, I like collaging at night...wish i could do it in bed too!

  2. I suffer from periodic insomnia and have learnt from past experience that my judgement isn't trustworthy at those times when it comes to painting. I agree, collage is much less stressful and at least you can go back to bed feeling you have achieved something (beats doing ironing too!)

    There are quieter eyelet setters on the market, one is a spring-like set up and there is another one like hand-held pliers. I still use a hammer though and wait till the noiser daylight hours before I do that!

    Kari x