Sunday, 8 July 2007

Sennelier Rock!

I am so excited I just have to share this. Yesterday, whilst returning DVDs to Blockbuster I made a slight detour to the local art shop. Well you know, they often have supplies I almost need. Sure enough I found this box of Sennelier Iridescent oil pastels going cheap so I had to buy it obviously, even though I have absolutely no experience with pastels. But hey they were developed for Picasso so that's good enough for me.

Anyway, I have to tell you I am in love with them! They go on like butter and blend like a dream, and the colours are just yummy. Here's something I did with them today.

Unfortunately my scanner doesn't pick up the iridescence so you'll have to trust me on the gleam they provide to this piece. I heartily recommend you try some!


  1. Beautiful piece! Makes me want to run out and get some!


  2. Very nice piece, although I couldn't see the details for some reason that only my laptop knows.
    You're right, I've seen these and do go like "buttah"... but they're doggone expensive, glad you found a good deal, they are totally worth it. I'll go out hunting for some now...

  3. Cool. I found the cheapest and very buttery metallic oil pastels at Hobby Lobby. I think they were made by Crayola and distributed under the name "ainbow" or something like that. I am in Beirut now and I don't have them with me. They come in thick colors and scan pretty well...I will send you the name as soon as my memory works again!