Saturday, 7 July 2007

Tall Poppies

Yesterday I was feeling unwell with some sort of bug and I wanted to make something pretty so I dug out my watercolours and did this. I have a fondness for Welsh poppies, they look so bright and so fragile, and I'm always sorry to see them battered by the rain (of which we get a lot here in the north-west!). So I painted them with a stormy sky in the background, shining out cheerfully.

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  1. what a gorgeous painting! just lovely!

  2. I LOVE poppies! And I love this piece!

  3. Nothing like poppies to get you out of that rainy feeling, huh? I am not familiar with the welsh poppies...will check them out. There is a Phoenician legend which goes something like this: Astarte (Venus)loved Adonis (Apollo) and when he died, his blood turned into poppies turning the river (Astarte) red every spring. The so-called river does look red when the poppies bloom in Lebanon...

  4. I LOVE your poppies, I have had a bit of a poppy thing going on recently due to all of the poppies out in my garden. Check out mine if you have time, I posted them on my blog
    Best Wishes