Tuesday, 25 September 2007


The wonderful gals of Studio33, of which I am extremely honoured to be a member, are having an art blitz online ~ check out the blog for more details.

A few of us are very interested in standing stones and ancient monuments and have been working on pieces with that theme. This is one of mine. For those not familiar with them, standing stones, long barrows and earthworks are a feature of many cultures and Britain and Ireland are particularly rich with them.

Simply put, long barrows were created by our distant ancestors to house the dead, generally constructed of stone and earth, and today are regarded by many as sacred, magical places.

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  1. More luscious colour, great artwork

  2. lovely light, golden evening light filtering in. Great

  3. this is really rich and very yummy. i too share that love of golden light. i mean, who doesn't?
    ~sue o'kieffe