Sunday, 23 September 2007

Willow Song

Sorry everyone for not posting since last week. I've been getting lots of headaches - literal ones - for the past few days so haven't been able to do much. So a brief post today and I'll just show you the second of these Birdsong pieces I'm doing.

See the little rusty frame round the bird? That's made using one of my new favourite things - metal effects solution and iron oxide paint. Cool huh?


  1. So...this is pretty darn awesome. I love that effect down below the frame too. I don't know what to say - just know I'm gushing over here in NY.

  2. I've dealt with migraines for many years, so I really empathize with you about headaches! It is hard to be creative when your head is thumping!

    I do hope you'll be feeling much better soon so you can focus again on your wonderful artwork!


  3. what a beautiful blog ! and so many inspirations! thank you !warm regards Barbara

  4. Hi Francesca,

    Sorry to hear your migraines are acting up. I don't know if you remember me. I did the first ZNE fat book quite a while ago. I stumbled upon the tag you had enclosed with your entries. We just moved to the UK from the US recently. Who knows we might be able to meet up. I have no idea how far you are from me, but if it's not too far, that would be easy.

    :) Shin

  5. Another lovely piece

  6. Very cool indeed..Could the materials you are using cause the headaches? Take care, my friend :)