Friday, 2 November 2007

More Carrots

Another ink and digital piece today. I sometimes wonder if I have a subconcious hankering to be a children's book illustrator as every so often I find myself doing these sort of whimsical drawings.

Actually I was thinking the other day about all the books I read during my formative years - I used to be a daily visitor at our local lending library - and reliving that sense of wonder and excitement that comes from a good book. I feel sad for those kids - and they are an increasing number - who grow up now on a diet of tv and Gameboys without really experiencing the joys of reading.

I believe that reading a book teaches many things, not all of them obvious. You learn to be still and quiet and attentive. You learn the pleasure of solitude and of sharing your enjoyment through reading aloud to another. You learn to imagine, to paint your own pictures in your head and sometimes to make up your own stories.

Reading is not a passive thing, quite the opposite in fact, and I'm so thankful I was encouraged to develop a love for it right from the start.

This bunny for sale here


  1. I'd love to read a book with this little bunny as a character. I too grew up reading and loved it so much that I read during recess giving the nuns a reason to chastise me. tee hee.

  2. bunnies warm my heart - never fails -- this little guy is PERFECT

  3. I agree! He's adorable! :):)

  4. Frannie, I'm a bunnyaholic so I adore your little bunny. I love what you had to say about reading. We are very similar in that aspect and you put in to words so well what I've only had as thoughts. As a child the library was my playground and I travelled the world (and other worlds)over.