Tuesday, 15 January 2008

To Web or Not to Web

That is the question. There seems to be much discussion about having your own website in the forums I frequent lately. New year, new goals I suppose, and it's been on my mind for a while too.

I've always liked the idea: my own domain name and site where I could put my work in all its copious variety and also sell stuff. But I tend to fall at the first hurdle, namely I can't afford to pay out much for it, so no tailor-made set-up for me, and I know nothing (well, very little) about coding, css etc. so can't make up some spiffy design of my own.

And as for trying to choose a host - ugh, give me strength, I'm just baffled by all the techie jargon and don't know my SQL from my PHP!

Now I know you may well be thinking, 'so stop whingeing and learn'! It's what I've often exhorted myself to do but always put off because it eats massively into my creative time and, truth be told, I find anything techie really difficult to get to grips with.

Still I am going to make that a goal for this year: to get my own website up and running. How I achieve that I'm not sure yet; but remember folks, you heard it here first!


  1. Funny you should mention this, Fran... :)

    I read on ArtBiz Blog (http://www.artbizblog.com/2008/01/easy-and-afford.html) recently about an artist who sets up websites for other artists. I took a peek ~ the templates look very professional and the cost is reasonable. Might be worth taking a lookie-loo!

    Websites For Artists

    Hope this is helpful! :)


  2. Hey thanks Patti, I'm going to check that out :D

  3. Hi just started my website yes it has its ups and downs it is a learning process. I love your art. Blessings Denise