Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Night Blooms

One of the problems with having such a butterfly mind when it comes to creating things is that I often feel unable to decide what to do next. Should it be collage or painting? Knitting or printmaking? Or perhaps some textile work? Roll that dice and just get on with it.

So I finally got my textile tool and set about playing with it. It's so much better than DH's soldering iron! For starters it has a much lower working temperature and is a lot more controllable, plus it has different tips for different effects, including a couple of dinky pressing feet which will be really useful for patchwork block seams. Of course I bought it from the US and only when it arrived did I remember that they have a 120v electric supply and we have a 240. Doh! Anyway V managed to sort that out for me with a trip to the store and a converter, bless him.

This is another layered and fused organza piece which looks way nicer in person. The iridescent colours don't show up very well in photos but look great in reality. You can see more views of it in my Etsy shop

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  1. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Really nice, Fran! So detailed...it's really great!