Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Confessions Of A Messy Artist

I am it's true. I daren't show you pictures of my studio at the moment as it's enough to make any reasonable person run screaming in the opposite direction. So I am going to clear out, reorganise and make it nice again. Simple huh?

Well I am a believer, as you know, in positive affirmations so the first step is declaring that I'm doing it. I am also visualising a beautifully organised workspace (this has always been problematic as I have virtually no suitable storage) with a harmonious, creative vibe to it. It will take a while but the longest journey and all that.

So in the meantime here's a bunch of cute notebooks which I just listed on Etsy. Now where did I put that skip....


  1. Love the robot notebook very cute. My workspac eis pretty tidy although the floor under it is covered in bits of lint and cotton thread!! Shall I hoover or shall I go and eat the last piece of cake oh the choices!!

  2. I love the notebooks! The floral one is so elegant:)

  3. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Lovely goodies in your etsy shop and beautiful artwork, too. Good luck on your organizing (US spelling). It makes a huge difference in how much you can get done when you've decluttered - not that it doesn't look like you accomplish miracles as it is.

  4. Love your notebooks! Once payday
    comes around, I'm jonesing for the
    pumpkin and aubergine casebound book. I also have a thing for paper
    and paper goods for as long as I can remember, and if there is text
    involved, I'm over the moon.

  5. you have no idea what messy is until you see MY studio. it is such an amazing place to be in when it is somewhat in order, but it gets messy so fast if i am actually doing work. i love the stag drawing, btw.

    oh, and as for eating paper, i used to eat play dough. my mom wouldn't buy it because she thought i would smash it into the carpet, so anytime someone had a new can of it, i ate as much as i could. salty.