Monday, 29 June 2009

Small, But Perfectly Formed!

Just a quick post today because we have a heatwave here and my studio is like a sauna. However I am trying to get more books made for PAD so I've been sitting at my desk with a fan positioned carefully so as not to blow all my papers around the room!

Anyway, these little babies are my latest creation and I think they're really cute, measuring just 2.25"x2.5". The set of three has copies of vintage matchbox labels on the covers and the other two have original drawings of my little houses on them. On Etsy now, I'll also be doing some for PAD (if I don't melt first!)


  1. How are you adhering the match box labels to the covers? Thanks!

  2. Oh, I'm coveting those bitty house journals. I love the two I purchased from you. So far, they are unused. I know as soon as my daughter sees that I have two, she is going to want one. I guess I should share.

  3. I like your little 'babies'. They are cute and easy to carry. Many thanks for sharing.

    Greetings from London.

  4. Oh they are so cute! Love them lots.