Friday, 5 June 2009

Where Is My Mind?

I am being a baaad art girl at the moment, not much new work being worked on, no indeed. Too many distractions, too little time (and energy, thanks to my insomnia stepping up a gear). I have got a couple of cute notebooks done - see above - inspired by the 27 Houses I showed you the other week. My favourite Murano paper for covers and hand drawn row of houses, so each one is original and different. The lime one was in an Etsy treasury which was on the entrance page of the site and it (the book) got 300 hits in the space of about an hour! Wow!

But I was talking about distractions, before I got, er, distracted. You will have heard me bleating on about the state of my studio for some time now. Well, I decided the other day that the only solution is to completely rearrange everything: workspaces, storage etc. (I just know I'm going to regret this). Anyway, Vincent very helpfully put up a row of narrow shelves to store all my miscellaneous pots of stuff and paints so that was what really got me started. With much huffing and puffing I managed to move the huge work table that we share into a better position against the wall so now there's much more space.

The plan is to have a separate small table for cutting - paper, fabric for quilts and so on - and a desk where I can have my sewing machine set up permanently, which will leave the big table for painting, collage and book binding. Of course there is a TON of stuff to sort through and find proper storage space for before that stage is reached, but it will be so much more accessible and pleasurable to use once I'm done - well that's what I keep telling myself anyway. Wish me luck!


  1. I suppose your followers will see these journals and then move over to Etsy to have another look at them. Sorry, too late, I bought them. Can't wait to receive them and make some marks upon their pages.

    I recently cleaned out my entire studio. Except for too much fabric left over (which I am trying to sell), it is clean. It has been clean for two months now. Just the act of cleaning and organizing it once has motivated me to keep it that way. So much more work is being done as a result.

    Best of luck with your organizing plans.

  2. i love the SOOOOO MUCHHHHHH!!!!