Tuesday, 22 December 2009


The last time we had snow like this was around 12 years ago. I know it probably doesn't look much by some people's standards but for us it's a real event. Being fairly near the coast and in a comparatively sheltered area it's far more usual to see grey skies and rain here so when it started coming down I had to find my walking boots. Unfortunately, as I haven't worn them since the last heavy snow I discovered that they no longer fit me!

Weird, huh? Well, one of the lesser-known 'joys' of getting older is that your feet start to spread and in consequence I now take a full size larger shoe than I did about fifteen years back, hence too-tight boots. So, yes, ridiculous as it seems, I have no suitable footwear and am effectively snowed in!

Today's lovely photographs come from Vincent (slightly edited by me).

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